Saturday, May 23, 2009

London MCM Expo...

Honestly... I thought this was going to be a lot bigger than it really was... It only took around 2-3 hours to get around everything and I was expecting more artists to be there... but the ones that were.. their art was sooo good to see blown up in giant images! :D
It was quite cool to see everyone Cosplaying too! The costumes were amazing! I had to buy a pink panda hat so I didnt feel so out of it ;P I wouldnt have known what to cosplay as.. and the hat is just plain cool!

I dont think it would be worth presenting there in October im afraid :( Ill look for other things similar :D

On another note.. on the way back.. we got stuck in a huge traffic jam! It took an hour to travel 4 miles... and it was a hot day... old car.. no air conditioning... I died haha!
Strawberry Pocky was nice though ^_^

Ooh! Annnndd, I am offering commissions now :) PearlyPony from DeviantArt convinced me ;) please let me know if you are interested by note on DA or through email.. or here? whichever ;)

Paulie <3