Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Forced Creativity

I don't even know what that's meant to be?! I just thought it would be nice to have a picture to go with some ramblings...

Anyways.. I'm pretty sure i will come up with some form of idea to paint and so on this week.. mainly because i can do nothing but sit/lie down right now.. :| Stupid ankle...

I fell on it funny this morning and i don't think i can bare not having any paracetamol! It really kills ugghh! Went to A&E this morning to get it x rayed and to get any crappy thoughts out of my head of worry! Thankfully nothing broken.. but sprained.. i can just about stand on it but cant bend knees or stand on toes and have been advised not to walk for at least a few days..
That pretty much means.. either drawing to get rid of the boredom that WILL accumulate (i doubt there will be anything good on the TV) or sleep haha! Wow! I think this week will really annoy me :| Not because i don't like to draw.. but because im a bit of a fidget bum and cant bare to sit still for more than 30 mins at a time!

I'm thinking of entering a contest on DA... some illustration thing.. i might work on something for that while i cant do anything...

Right now I'm loving my frozen bag of peas! and well.. to be honest its too hot anyways! So its all good in that sense...

Ramble over i think? hmmm (oh and please excuse the lameness of the 2 min doodle!)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Cupcakes in Disguise!

As Corn on the Cob! Made with Jelly Beans!

As Ice Cream Cones

As Popcorn!

As a bouquet of Flowers?!

Haha This dude is from Sesame Street isnt he?

Either that or from the muppets? Anyways.. i got a little carried away on google looking at cupcakes... I found some that didnt totally look like cupcakes though! Arent they cool!?

Okay so you might ask, why is she posting stuff up about cupcakes? Well... the answer is.. i think they look totally cool and would just die eating them :O Mainly because they look so pretty! Oh yeah.. and i think they would all taste super yummy :D

Oh.. and they may make your mouth water haha!

Monday, June 29, 2009

New Blog Layout!

I kind of got a little bored with the previous one! Hopefully this looks just as cool, or even COOLER! ha! *fingers crossed* Oh yeah.. and i hope everything works on here too ;P

Friday, June 26, 2009

With The Jellies - WIP and Final

As usual, full view for non pixellated version! Please :D

As you can see, the final one developed quite a lot from the original concept... plus i moved the fish to the center and moved the jellies around it a little more. I thought everything was too much in the bottom right so thats why i made that decision. I know its water and not blue :O but i hope you can still get the feeling its water! :D

Hope you like it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yummy Cupcake Marshmallows!

I just found a site that has a list of some really cute stuff! http://www.dailycute.net/
I found this in the cute food section! ahhh! I really want one of these?! Wouldnt they be great for parties? I mean come on, cupcake looking marshmallow?! HELLO?! Brilliant! haha!

Paulie <3

Monday, June 22, 2009

Alice in Wonderland Wip and Final

Alice in wonderland Fan Art!! :D Full view please! :D Lots and LOTS of details ;P
Hope you like it!
Paulie <3

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Skins Coming Soon!

Okay, so you know i was telling you that I contacted a skins company? Well... they got back to me and liked my work! (Thank God!)

So... I just signed the contract now after checking all the legal stuffs, sent it to them and im just waiting for what to do next! :D

Hopefully you will get Parochena Skins available soon for your ipods, iphones, laptops and they also do prints on canvas! How cool!!

Ill let you know when everything is up! :D

Paulie <3

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Outbacks - WIP and Final

Please Full view (looks all pixellated here :( )

As you can see... the colours get deeper and I also made the girl and koala a bit bigger than i sketched it.. she looks to be fading out otherwise..

Hope you like it! :D

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Always Welcome - WIP, Final and Details

Click on the image for a non pixellated full view :D
This one took so long! Well, thats basically a WIP then the final image in the middle and a little bit of the details at the bottom! :D

Hope you like it!
Paulie <3

Thursday, June 11, 2009


So, i contacted a skin company today to see if they were interested in turning my work into skins! Hopefully they will be! Still waiting on a reply though! I will keep you guys posted! :D

Paulie <3

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Inflatable Skies

I have another new one! Been pretty productive this week! :O haha yesss, no art block! Wooo! I hope you like it :D Its based on my dream last night minus hoppet. LOL!

Paulie <3

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Nutty Tails

Newest one uploaded today! Gah.. took so long and im not even sure it works ha!
Any opinions would be great! Thank you!
Paulie <3

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Garden Of Eden

This is my latest one :D Pretty pleased with how it turned out! Didnt take that long either!

Here are some details!...

Hope you like it! You can also find it on Deviantart (bigger) http://parochena.deviantart.com/art/Garden-of-Eden-125012916

Paulie <3

Friday, June 05, 2009

Some Pretty Cool Games!

I heard about Xbox's Project Natal the other day! I went over to youtube to check it out... it looks so amazing! You can have two characters depending on wether you want it to be a girl or a boy. The girl would be called Milly and the boy would be called Milo. This is just the interactive character that comes with it.. you can draw a picture for him/her... hand it to them and everything!

Anyways... getting to the point... you dont need any remotes for this one, its kind of like the wii fit but taking it onto a whole other level! You can even scan in a skateboard and ride on it! How cool is that? The whole thing basically reminded me of something you would see in a spy movie!

Imagine if Nintendo found out and are actually rising above the Xbox one?! Its already super high artificial intelligence! Not only would you be able to use Project Natal for games... but because it has voice recognition, you could even help kids learn different languages and help them pronounce the words correctly!

Personally, I cant wait to have a go!
Check it out for yourself!

Paulie <3