Friday, June 26, 2009

With The Jellies - WIP and Final

As usual, full view for non pixellated version! Please :D

As you can see, the final one developed quite a lot from the original concept... plus i moved the fish to the center and moved the jellies around it a little more. I thought everything was too much in the bottom right so thats why i made that decision. I know its water and not blue :O but i hope you can still get the feeling its water! :D

Hope you like it!


Serpentaires said...

It's beautiful ! And I think the not-blue waters work just fine !

Anonymous said...

It doesn't have to have blue to be water. The colors set the mood. And really the water changes colors as the sun hits because it is reflective. You did absolutely darling on this! I love it, and I'll say again if you want me to. :p And seeing that you didn't have a lot to the sketch to begin with it awesome. You just took the idea and really ran with it! ^__^