Friday, June 05, 2009

Some Pretty Cool Games!

I heard about Xbox's Project Natal the other day! I went over to youtube to check it out... it looks so amazing! You can have two characters depending on wether you want it to be a girl or a boy. The girl would be called Milly and the boy would be called Milo. This is just the interactive character that comes with it.. you can draw a picture for him/her... hand it to them and everything!

Anyways... getting to the point... you dont need any remotes for this one, its kind of like the wii fit but taking it onto a whole other level! You can even scan in a skateboard and ride on it! How cool is that? The whole thing basically reminded me of something you would see in a spy movie!

Imagine if Nintendo found out and are actually rising above the Xbox one?! Its already super high artificial intelligence! Not only would you be able to use Project Natal for games... but because it has voice recognition, you could even help kids learn different languages and help them pronounce the words correctly!

Personally, I cant wait to have a go!
Check it out for yourself!

Paulie <3