Monday, June 29, 2009

Cupcakes in Disguise!

As Corn on the Cob! Made with Jelly Beans!

As Ice Cream Cones

As Popcorn!

As a bouquet of Flowers?!

Haha This dude is from Sesame Street isnt he?

Either that or from the muppets? Anyways.. i got a little carried away on google looking at cupcakes... I found some that didnt totally look like cupcakes though! Arent they cool!?

Okay so you might ask, why is she posting stuff up about cupcakes? Well... the answer is.. i think they look totally cool and would just die eating them :O Mainly because they look so pretty! Oh yeah.. and i think they would all taste super yummy :D

Oh.. and they may make your mouth water haha!


parochena said...

Just testing the blog comments thing works, i think you just need to press the comment and it will have a pop up box :)