Wednesday, July 15, 2009

New ACEO Original - Hello Little Flower

New ACEO! :D The little panda is trying to get to the flower :D Idea just randomly popped into my head today. Thought it would do better as an ACEO instead of a digital painting. Im not sure why? But yeah hehe! This was so hard not to smudge! Yet... my fingers are still black from the graphite!! I guess my signiture kind of looks a bit like a diaper pin haha! Oops.. I guess i should have sharpened the pencil again before signing ;P nevermind :D

Hope you like it!! You can find it for sale here.


lubasa said...

so awesome
i luv pandas and have nice skills with pencil shading


parochena said...

Thank you dear! :D

Little Lovables said...

It looks really cute! I know what you mean about the black fingers and smudging :)

parochena said...

Aww Thank you! :D heeh yeah!! Especially when i was trying to colour the background after the details! Very messy but worth it :D