Saturday, July 18, 2009

New Items!

Good Evening! Just a quick update about some brand new item releases this week!
You can now find larger prints that are roughly A4 size (im not sure if that is the right sizing in America??) 8" x 12" ish but some a little less because of the actual image dimensions.

Next!! (which was basically just listed now!!) Do you remember that i mentioned that I would have a "Pick your Own" feature coming soon??
Well now they are here!!
You can get any print of your choice beautifully mounted on a stylish black frame! How cool is that?! They look exactly the same as the pieces i sent over to the gallery ^_^ (but with a piece of your own choice!)

Okay.. so after i have rambled away about my Etsy happenings! ... I am also in the process of painting a set of something quite special ;) The first one has a lot of detail i can tell you that?! heeh! :D

I think thats all from me! (and its about time too haha!) Take Care!