Thursday, March 26, 2009

Havn't updated in ages! :O

hmm... i knew this was going to happen... i get too busy and forget i have this to update too!
Gah!! Well... i now have mini prints available for sale... If you would like to know more about the details please follow the link -

On another note... somebody suggested that i should think about going into children illustration and also writing my own book while illustrating at the same time...
At first i was a little "hmm" about the idea but then i started to get some things down on paper (word wise) and came up with a cute little story that could be very nicely illustrated for about 5+ years :D

I also found a publisher that will be interested in viewing my work! So... currently that is what im working on...

I have written the whole manuscript and finished the illustration for pages 1 and 2 :D I hope to get it done in at least 1-2 months? (I might be a little hopeful on this one haha)

Urrrmm... I cnat upload anymore info about that though :( no preview illustrations or texts or anything :( or i wont be able to have it published! But i will deffo keep you posted!!

By the way... If you wanted the prints... you could also email me at :D

All from me for now! Sorry it was awhile before i updated this!!
Paulie <3