Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Its almost easter! Have you all bought your easter eggs? Well... considering my sudden.. "OMG its nearly easter and i havnt bought my eggs yet" thought... I came up with this little fella :D The idea is that he has a special easter egg that is filled with carrots! Unfortunately... the easter egg is bigger than him. Saying that.. the little bunny thought to himself... "I wonder if i could eat it to get my carrot!?" "im very hungry too... maybe its worth a try?" So he nibbled away at the gigantic egg. A bite here and there, how tasty is this? The little bunny was oh so full at this stage. He couldnt possibly eat anymore! A little glint of orange shone his way! "Its a carrot a carrot!" squealed the little one. He was almost able to reach it, until, he collapsed in a heap into the bottom of the massive chocolate egg. "My carrot!" The little guy was so full from his journey that he could not even imagine fitting this beautiful carrot into the tiny belly of his.

Yeah well... It will be done soon i hope :D Just a little peak at the sketch and the colour scheme :D (it might change though.. it depends how i feel about it as i move on haha!) I think im on a roll all of a sudden! Nearly one piece a day for 3 consecutive days!! Im shocked! :O I keep having little ideas popping into my head! If i dont jot them down then they will all poof :( Oh well! you will have an explosion of my art hehe! :D

I have to go now... little Morgie (my puppy who is 1 in 9 days!!) is moaning at me saying she needs a wee haha!
Bye bye! Please tell me what you think of this little guy :D