Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Disney Project WIP

Well... I decided to do 4 of each character... mainly because thats how many fitted on the page lol!

Mickey and Minnie Done! :D (or at least i think so) Ill probably do pluto next :) he looks fun to draw! :D haha!!

The proportions are a little strange i know... and has anyone noticed how weird minnies shoes are?! I dont actually know how the girl stands up... because like.. you would probably fall over if they were on your feet ;P

Anyways! Thought it would be nice to keep you updated! :D
Comment if you like... its up to you ;P


nichan said...

I bow to your skill (-.-)

parochena said...

Thank youu! :D

supasiti said...

thats really good paulette. btw guess what i just watched? ice princess! its was really good :D
casey is so pretty :-O haha x)