Friday, April 03, 2009

More merch

Ive just finished designing my totes!! i have 3 choices right now.. but i think i will start off with one.
I need to get the designs of my buttons done and the packaging too!

I will probably order everything at the weekend! eee im so excited to see them!
P.s. I was thinking of doing a giveaway! ;) The first 10 customers that buy a tote, will get buttons and a print of their choice too! :D

It would really help if you were on Deviantart to do this though.. as i need to keep track of who wants what and such!!

Right!! Im off to play with the puppy! shes moaning at me with her toy in her mouth haha! (shes not allowed in the computer room) *giggles* dont want her eating cables now!