Monday, April 06, 2009

Disney Sketch Dump Project

Well, Im in a bit of a disney kind of mood and thought that it would be good practice to go totally crazy and sketch (or at least try to) as many characters in different positions as possible!

Right now Im working on Mickey Mouse.. Im thinking 6 poses for each character? But then again, this could change haha! (it really depends how comfortable and enjoyable I find the character) *giggles*

But yep! thought I would let you know :D

I also need to update all the web stuff with my newest piece!
The little tiger about to eat his cake! :D
you can find it here...


Q said...

You must draw someone from Lady & the Tramp, my all time favorite Disney movie!!!! <3

parochena said...

I will do!! dont worry! Im planning to do a timeline kinda thing... like all the original disney characters first.. then i think they next one is snow white and so on :D I will constantly be on wikipedia trying to find dates haha!!

I will keep uploading some of the sketches on here :D They wont go on DA until its all done though i dont think ;P

supasiti said...

are you doing pochahontas? she is a pretty one :D